Kind of a Drag - Operation Durango/Frisco City April, 1967

By: High Flying Dice Games

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: War Games w/Mounted Counters

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Kind of a Drag - Operation Durango/Frisco City April, 1967
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Kind of a Drag is a game about General Westmoreland’s plan was to take and hold areas to interdict the Communist’s support to the South, as well as compel the North Vietnamese Army to do battle in the open against the US and ARVN to take back their occupied homeland and supply lines. General Westmorland reasoned this was a fight the enemy could not avoid, and one we could not lose. The cost to conduct the planned invasion was planned invasion was for another 206,000 men to be deployed to the region. This would dangerously deplete the US military’s strategic reserve, as well as escalating the conflict to the point of risking global war with China and the Soviet Union. Would this plan have worked in bringing about a military solution to the Vietnam War, or would it have just “widened the stage” of this tragic quagmire for the US?

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