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Base - Kuzcoatl, Arcane of Power

By: Draco Studios

Type: Miniatures Box Set

Product Line: Dragons of the Red Moon Miniatures

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Base - Kuzcoatl, Arcane of Power
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Miniatures Box Set


Long time ago, Kuxcoatl hatched as a dragonkin among the brood of the Coatls. He was known as Kuxbaan, and lived under the shade of the great feathered wyrms. In the beginning, the Coatls were tribal and feral, formed by brutal devourers and hostile warriors who took pride in the violent ways of their kin. Naturally curious, he always found himself cautiously observing his masters’ behavior, not afraid but with interest to form an objective judgement of what he saw day by day. He challenged his mind and his body, and after a while a transformation begun. The blood of Kadmos had awakened within him, and soon his anatomy commenced changing into that of a majestic and gigantic dragon. Kuxbaan had finally become a Coatl, defying the laws of nature and of his own kin.

When he appeared before the eyes of his master and claimed to be Kuxbaan, the later was ready to take him on with fury. Kuxbaan did not retreat and fought not only with strength, but also cunning and sly, finally outwitting the leader and executing him. Kuxbaan was recognized as the new leader and he named himself Kuxcoatl, Lord of the feathered dragons, leaving his dragonkin name behind.

The Coatls changed as a kin, following the steps of their new master. They remained strong and territorial, but the desire for knowledge and curiosity became their most notable characteristic.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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