Tome of Skulls

By: Philip Reed Games

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: Mork Borg (Philip Reed Games)

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Tome of Skulls
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Despite the ever-increasing number of monsters released under the third-party Mörk Borg license, GMs constantly ask for more enemies to throw at the player characters. I have already added dozens of monsters and foes to the game’s library . . . but that in no way stops me from wishing to dump another pile of bones on campaigns everywhere.

Tome of Skulls is an unnecessary addition to the game and was created for one reason: I enjoy imagining and designing monsters. Those beasts detailed within this unusual package are skeletal, undead monsters that exist solely to – if all goes well – slaughter the player characters and put an end to their misadventures.

For the most part, the six skeletal foes described within this work are intended as the big bad, the boss monster, the capstone on an evening of adventuring. Half of the monsters are over-powered in terms of both their hit points and their offensive capabilities. For those GMs who wish to give the player characters a longer life than a one-shot session, I recommend going a little easy on the party when dropping one of these monsters into the game.

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