Strange Citizens of the City

By: Philip Reed Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Mork Borg (Philip Reed Games)

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Strange Citizens of the City
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Strange Citizens of the City is a collection of characters, possibly monsters, and was written to assist the gamemaster in populating the game world. The characters described within the pages of this slim booklet are divided into four categories:

  • Strange Citizens of the City, a 2d6 table to characters and the bulk of the book. Each of these eleven different characters fills a two-page spread and offers background info on the character that the GM may run with or ignore. (twenty-two pages)
  • Hired Goons, a 1d8 table of minor characters who are far less detailed than those characters described in the previous section of the book. At times, the 2d6 characters within the Strange Citizens of the City chapter will list "hired goons" as a special ability of sorts. When that happens, feel free to select a few of those goons from this section. (four pages)
  • (Possibly) Harmless Wanderers, 2d6 characters that are mostly intended as bizarre encounters the player characters may stumble into when walking the city streets. These characters include no game statistics and are purely descriptive. (four pages)
  • 1d8 Places in the City, eight different locations for the PCs to explore. (four pages)
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