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Arnhem - Defeat and Glory, A Miniaturist Perspective

By: Schiffer Publishing

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Hobby Books (Schiffer Publishing)

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Arnhem - Defeat and Glory, A Miniaturist Perspective
G.S.W. DeLillio
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In the spirit of Cornelius Ryan's epic A Bridge Too Far an American author retells the story of the ill-fated Allied operation code named "Operation Market Garden." The audacious, yet multi-faceted Allied plan in September 1944 included an airborne carpet of 35,000 troops, dropped along a sixty four mile corridor reinforced by the entire British 2nd Army with the intent of seizing the Ruhr Industrial Valley and end the war before Christmas! The author uniquely combines the best works available into a superbly researched and illustrated text, suffused with a masterful articulation of the entire Allied tragedy in combination with 20mm scale miniature portraiture. The "visual seams" of oral military history are filled through the author's interpreting of the battle in miniature. Horsa gliders are once again seen dropping "flaps down" onto the Spandau raked fields of Ginkel Heide. Captain Viktor Graebner's 9th SS Recce fatefully charges towards Colonel Frost's battalion holding the northern ramp of the Arnhem Bridge. Major Julian Cooks leads the heroic "Hail Mary Full of Grace" 82nd Airborne river assault across the Waal. Brigadier Lathbury's First Parachute Brigade conduct their final charge beyond St. Elizabeths Hospital and the Hartenstein Pocket steadfastly holds against enemy attempt to liquidate them.

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