Squarriors - The Card Game

By: Cold War

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: Board and Card Games (Cold War)

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Product Info

Squarriors - The Card Game
Ash Maczko
Publish Year
NKG Part #
Boxed Game
Age Range
12 Years and Up
# Players
2 Players
Game Length
35 - 75 Minutes


Squarriors: The Card Game is a tabletop game based off of the comic book series, Squarriors. In Squarriors TCG, there is no deck of cards to draw from, instead all cards start either in play or in your hand.

Your "deck" (known as your Tribe in S:TCG) consists of 20 points worth of creatures, three domains to defend (your Council, Army, and Vanguard), and 10 Tactic cards that start in your hand; all of which are chosen by the player.

At any given time, each of your creatures are on the battlefield in one of your three domains, and each of these domains have a power variable that will be modified as the game progresses. If a domain reaches zero power it is destroyed, and creatures there must move to one of the remaining domains controlled by that player. When a player has lost two of their three domains, they are eliminated from the game.

Each creature has several base statistics: Blood (hit points), Might (damage), Will (various uses), Upkeep (the amount of power required to keep the creature alive), Tribe Value (the numeric value of the creature) and many various abilities, keywords, and game texts. These creatures can take various actions and make different types of attacks (Dominance, Leadership, Stealth, or Manipulation) depending on what domain they are in.

Tactic cards, which start in a player’s hand, serve two functions. Initially, they can be used as an action, trap, instant etc. But after they have been played, they serve a second function by being added to your strategy. Each of your three domains can host a strategy chain and each chain adds more layers of abilities and enhancements to your tribe. Each card in a strategy chain can gain new abilities or functions depending on the other cards connecting to them in the chain.

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