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Hacker's Handbook

By: Tuesday Knight Games

Type: Module

Product Line: Mothership (Tuesday Knight Games)

Last Stocked on 11/30/2021

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Hacker's Handbook
Sean McCoy, Luke Gearing, and Kevin Whitlock
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*Hacking* in MOTHERSHIP can be a lucrative, if dangerous, skill for any crewmember to acquire. It can open doors, control gun turrets and expose sensitive information.

Most *Hacking* checks are simple: an electronic airlock is locked and the Hacker makes an Intellect (*Hacking*) check and if they succeed the door is opened. Easy.

However, if your scenario requires a more robust challenge, say hacking into corporate research station’s primary database, you may want to design a **NETWORK**.

The Mothership Hacker's Handbook includes all the tools you need to create robust hacking challenges in Mothership or any other cyberpunk or sci-fi game. It includes:

  • A brand new loadout for character creation: The Exploitation Loadout.
  • Intuitive and simple rules and guidelines for building Networks for your players to hack.
  • A Response table for when your players fail their hack.
  • A new system for "User Accounts" that allow everyone (not just Hackers) to get in on the action.
  • A new equipment section with tons of tools, decks, gear, and single-use software to aid in your intrusion attempts.

    This supplement is suitable for characters of any level.
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