Ruin Masters - RPG

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Ruin Masters - RPG
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The book in your hands is a gateway to some of the most harrowing wonders of the post-cataclysmic world of Ruin Masters. Enter the world of classic fantasy and old school tabletop gaming. Adventure in the ruins of the past, set out on a treasure hunt in Ruin Masters.

Baltan raised his hand to shield his eyes from the shafts of sunlight streaming down upon the land. It hurt to look; such was the intensity of the light. Standing atop the old wall, he could see for miles across the vast landscape as dawn finally broke after the horrors of the endless night. Farmsteads were scattered across the hilltops, each encircled by palisades and stonewalls meant to protect them from the untamed world. They were little more than a placebo intended to make the farmers feel safe, as if feelings were what mattered now. They would never going to be enough. Baltan had heard it told that the land was corrupt, tainted by the doom of the old world. Some even claimed that the ring walls of the cities and fortresses were the dividing border between order and chaos. It was true, but it was too easy, he thought to himself. Mankind had tried to build its new order upon the ruins of the past. The cities were imposing feats of engineering, grand in scale and ambition, but they stood on dark foundations. Too late, they began to understand what they had done, and the risks they had exposed themselves to. But rather than move on and start yet again, they lingered, good people telling themselves that it was safe, that they could protect themselves. The more arrogant of them even went so far as to mock those who were still afraid; after all, only a fool would allow themselves to be infected by the dark power lurking in the ruins, and they weren’t fools, were they?

Taming the abominations of antiquity while struggling to forge a new land is no easy task. Traders and merchants were more than happy to profit from those who sought safe harbor, and everyone knew the sorcerers could not be trusted. Their curiosity all too often meant trouble for the ordinary folk.

The ruin lands stood in dark contrast to the dawning spirit of the city.

Still, there were many who boldly ventured outside to steal their fortune from the clutches of the old world, dismissive of the risks or driven beyond caution by greed. Baltan´s brother had been one of them. He had travelled through the southern forests, beyond the fields of Sibblon and finally wandered east. Baltan no longer harboured any hope of seeing his brother alive again. Unlike so many others, he was no fool.

Ruin Masters is a generic fantasy game system that can be played in any setting. Play classic roleplaying adventures or skip the story and go all in for some hex-based dungeon crawl bashing and treasure hunt! Ruin Masters RPG includes rules for:

  • Classic Fantasy RPG Play
  • Hex Play
  • Dungeon Crawl

    The Ruin Masters – RPG include the following:

  • Rulebook including character creation, general rules and the Caldarox world setting (the official world of Ruin Masters), dungeon crawling rules (drop lists, challenges, spawn lists, etc.) and monster stats. Hard Back, 280 pages
  • 3×5 combat mode markers
  • 4-color map over Caldrarox
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