Brancalonia Setting Book

By: Acheron

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Brancalonia RPG

MSRP $49.00

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Brancalonia Setting Book
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Enter the Kingdom, a land full of pitfalls and earning opportunities, in the most incredible and sassy Italian RPG you have ever played!
Create your own clique of scoundrels, join a gang, go throw your hands around a bit and give a few stab wounds to those in charge. And in the end you will be ready to try your luck, for that Big Shot that could make you close in style…

After all, what could possibly go wrong?

In this volume you will find:

  • A general description of the Kingdom, its history and its main regions.
  • 5 new playable races in addition to human, inspired by Italian tradition and folklore.
  • 12 new archetypes typical of the Sinistro Boot: from the friar to the brigand, from the bravo to the duelist, from the errant knight to the tramp.
  • New backgrounds, talents and signature magical items.
  • New setting rules, such as those of the Brawls, the Giochi da Bettola, the Taglie and the Nomea, and again Covi, Sbraco, Bagordi, Prophecies and more ...
  • Secrets, threats, curiosities, places of interest, rumors, monsters and game ideas for the Warlord, including a Bettole generator, one of Relics and one of Roads that go nowhere.
  • Looking for Money: A collection of 6 adventures spanning various regions of the Kingdom.
  • 24 of new monsters and antagonists typical of the Kingdom.
  • And much more ...
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