Moon Elves

By: Planar Compass

Type: Softcover

Product Line: RPG's & Accessories (Planar Compass)

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Moon Elves
Publish Year
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Millenia ago, the Empire of artificers, genomemancers and technomancers sent their scientist cosmonaut volunteers on flying ship-machines called Silver Dragons to the forested green moon. There they began to learn the secrets of moon threes and plants and their native faerie-bugs.

When the civil war began, the moon expedition decided to remain neutral. When the war escalated to a nuclear apocalypse, the cosmonaut leaders decided to shut down communications and exploded the functioning Silver Dragons that could return them to the earth.

More than a thousand years have passed. Those ancient cosmonauts created a socialist utopia, perfecting their science, learning telepathy, cloning, and genetic manipulation. And they transformed the telepathic moon trees into bio-computers.

When some of them returned to the devasted radioactive “Earth”, all was changed. The surviving humans and mutant orcs and goblins of the ruined world, now a place of neolythical-medieval barbarism, called these now-alien beings ‘Elves.’

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