Brody Pocket - Thunder in the Ukraine 1944 #1

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Product Line: Advanced Squad Leader - Eastern Front

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Brody Pocket - Thunder in the Ukraine 1944 #1
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General Konev, commander of the 1st Ukrainian Front, was pushing his commanders to breakthrough the German lines and encircle the forces in the Brody area, but what forces were there he did not have enough intelligence on the force make up. Down the command line came the orders to capture prisoners to determine the local force structures. The end of the line rested on the 338th Guards Rifle Rgmt of the 117th Guards Rifle Division a unit composed of elite naval and marine personal from Black Sea Fleet; mostly trained in beach assaults they would have the best chance to accomplish the difficult mission. Senior Lieutenant Baskakov was charged with finding and capturing prisoners. Baskakov and his men made many attempts but all of them failed to produce a live prisoner from which information could be obtained. Attempting yet another mission he and his men went farther behind the lines to seek an officer prisoner. Attacking in the Olesko area they encountered a newly inserted unit which was much tougher than previously encountered. These soldiers did not give up easily, but an officer prisoner was captured after a fierce battle, but while withdrawing the prisoner was killed, leaving Baskakov with yet another failed mission.

This is ASLComp Brody Pocket 1. The summer of 1944 returns with a vengeance and you are hearing exactly what you think you are hearing: the sound of enemy tanks over the horizon. But orders are orders, and you will stand fast or meet the flying courts martial that have a way about convincing some to return to the right while the rest enter what the Vikings knew as the final destination for warriors. You will join the action with a set of 8 scenarios and 4 large semi-geo maps that create an overall play area of about 24" × 36".


  • 8 Scenarios BP #1-8: Blutwurst Morgen, Ivan's Redoubt, Buying Time, Sangfroid Stalkers, "Brother Against Brother!", Status: "?", Dark Forest, Oliiv halt
  • Bagration 1944 - Brody Pocket 1-2 Special Rules and Wreck/Flame/Blaze Placement Table
  • 6 map sheets for BPB map
  • 1 counter sheet with 88 5/8" counters
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