Tools of the Starshapers

By: DYS Games

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: RPG Sourcebooks (DYS Games)

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Tools of the Starshapers
Publish Year
NKG Part #


Expand your campaign horizons!

Change and modify your White Star campaign! New rules allow you to explore entirely different settings and genres of science fiction.

Contains rules for the following:
  • Rules for seperating class and race, allowing you to build your own alien races with unique qualities. Includes rules for allowing human characters to maintain their competitiveness.
  • Two new classes and one updated class from the core book.
  • New Gifts, including level 4 and 5 Gifts!
  • Rules for modifying your weapons and armor.
  • New High Tech items as well as more concrete details on existing High Tech items.
  • Extensive rules for Cybertechnology and Biotechnology.
  • The Biomorph class-a character specially grown to serve as a genetic warrior. Their list of morphic enhancements allow them to perform super-heroic feats. Generate your own Biomorph with random tables!
  • Rules for clones and sleeves for those worlds with god-like technology.
  • A new system called Talents allows characters to spend time, credits, and experience to pick up special abilities outside of their class.
  • Powered Armor rules that allow you to field these terrible weapons of deadly power.
  • The complete skill rules from the White Star Companion, with tons of options to customize the system for your campaign.
  • Optional Reaction Roll system for White Star that also fit in with the Skill rules.
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