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Art of Wuxia Core Rules

By: DwD Studios

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Role Playing Games (DwD Studios)

Last Stocked on 2/7/2023

Product Info

Art of Wuxia Core Rules
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Play out the action seen in wuxia movies and TV shows with the exciting press-your-luck game mechanic found in previous d00Lite games!

In Art of Wuxia, players take on the role of heroes of Longzhi (a new mystic fantasy setting inspired by ancient China). Characters utilize their qi while raising fists, spells, and blades against tyrants, demons, and spirits who would spread evil on the land.

Embrace the three tenets of the virtuous hero. Run on water, climb on air. Wander the land and become the balance to the darkness and dread which ever seeks to invade the prosperity of the land and its people.

Not only a stand-alone game, this book also contains skills, races, creatures, and spells which would feel right at home added to other d00lite systems, making this an excellent resource for GMs looking to add some wuxia to their games.

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