Lost in the Deep

By: Exalted Funeral

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Lost in the Deep
Diego Nogueira
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You are the last survivor of a band of dwarven warriors who have come to the lost halls of the Kingdom Under the Mother Mountain, to retake it and rebuild it in the name of your ancestors. After months of wandering the almost endless halls of the dwarven ruins, your band unwittingly set free an ancient evil that lay asleep for generations, and one-by-one, it killed your companions in the most terrifying ways possible.

Now you are lost in the depths of earth, registering your history in the diary of your people. You search for an exit from the mines, but all you can find are endless halls and the damned creatures serving that Evil in the Shadows that awakened and destroyed your people.

Every day you count your last remaining torches and meals, wander through the infinite halls and mines, and write your memories in your diary. Every day you feel the evil entity and its minions coming closer and closer. The drums of its chaos army beat faster and faster. You don’t have much time.

Can you reach the surface before the ancient evil finds you? Was a rescue party sent to find you? Will your food and water last as long as you need to reach the doors to freedom? Or will you die of starvation in the depths of the mountain?

All you know is that you’re lost in the deep…

Lost in the Deep is a Solo Journaling RPG inspired by The Wretched and other Wretched and Alone Games. To play you will need a deck of cards, a block tower and a single d6.

It is based on horror and fantasy literature and you play as the last dwarven survivor of a failed expedition to reclaim your ancestor home. Every day you wander the dark halls and write in your journal what you see and experience. Can you make it out alive?

by Diogo Nogueira/Old Skull Publishing

24 pages, color cover, B&W interiors, A5 size saddle-stitched zine. Includes PDF.

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