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Little Saturn - Hold At All Costs

By: Critical Hit

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: Advanced Squad Leader - Eastern Front

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Little Saturn - Hold At All Costs
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Ownership of the ASLRG and modules providing Germans, Axis Minors, and Russians is a requirement to use this product.

When Stalin stepped to his massive globe, his fingers reached to touch the place where Italian Alpini, untouched as of yet by Operation Uranus ... and other German Satellite nation soldiers huddled on the open Steppe. He then spun the massive orb, turned to his generals and ordered an operation that would come to be known as "Little Saturn" ... and sunder the flanks of the Germans trapped in Stalingrad.

Despite YEARS of tactical-level simulations, with various board and map permutations, the openness of the Russian Steppe is still unexplored terrain. Longer LOSs, longer shoots, and just having the vantage point of watching Ivan .. not to mention those state-of-the-art early T-34 tanks... heading your way as you rub some feeling back into your icy hands and prepare to ram one more AP round into your PaK 38.

At the printers now. It features 6 BRAND NEW maps - in the largest geo size - with a batch of 8 scenarios - all Russian Front Winter themed - that play on them, featuring STEPPE TERRAIN with printed snow drifts, Slopes/Hachures to make subtle undulations important for crack terrain analysts ... and just open terrain unlike anything out there to date, specifically to model the time and place.


  • 1 Cardstock Cover Folio
  • 8 Scenarios (LS #1-8: Recon In Force, Retreat Becomes Route, Fire And Brimstone, Ravenna Resolve, Black On Black, Alpini Pride, Human Wave, Roman Doctrine) on 4 Light Cardstock Sheets
  • 1 ASLComp Volga Bonus AFVs/Guns 2020_1 Half Countersheet with 88 counters at 1/2”
  • 6 12.5”x 17.5” Cardstock Map Sheets (UR1-UR6)
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