Over Malvern Hill - The American Civil Wargame

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Product Line: Forager Miniature Wargaming (28mm)

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Over Malvern Hill - The American Civil Wargame
Adrian McWalter
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Over Malvern Hill - The American Civil Wargame is a ruleset that allows you, the gamer, to recreate the epic battles of the American Civil War.

With this ruleset, you can faithfully create any of the large or small battles that took place during the campaigns between the states.

This ruleset follows on from the authors' successful Napoleonic ruleset Over The Hills.

Using an innovative gaming mechanic you will bring to life the various troop types and tactics of the period.

The psychological impact of the battlefield will influence everything that a unit does during the game. Units are assigned a fatigue factor, this gradually degrades by the units and enemy actions until the unit can no longer function effectively.

The number and use of dice have been reduced to a minimum, it is up to you the commander to decide and execute what a unit does.

Over Malvern Hill uses d10's in the main rules, with an alternative option for 2 D6, for those who are not blessed by the 'dice gods' low rolls are good!

You can play a brigade, divisional or army size games with Over Malvern Hill and statistics and point costs have been provided for the vast majority of units of the war.

  • Ring-Bound and Durable.
  • 72 Pages - Including tables, diagrams, colour photographs and army lists.
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