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1985 - Under an Iron Sky (3rd Edition)

By: Thin Red Line Games

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: War Games (Thin Red Line)

Product Info

1985 - Under an Iron Sky (3rd Edition)
Publish Year
NKG Part #
Boxed Game
Age Range
15 Years and Up
# Players
2 - 6 Players
Game Length
120 - 12000 Minutes


1985: Under an Iron Sky is the spiritual successor of The Next War by SPI: an operational, highly detailed simulation of a NATO - Warsaw Pact conflict in Central Europe.

Being a so-called "Monster", 1985 is not exactly a beer and pretzel game. Rules include every aspect of modern warfare, leaving little or nothing on an abstract level: air war, helicopters, electronic warfare, special forces, revolts, nuclear and chemical warfare … you name it. In order to survive, both sides must keep a constant eye on the front line, the rear areas and on the sky above.

  • Order of Battle and TO&E are not "generic", but set exactly in July, 1985
  • 14km per hex, 48 hours per game turn
  • Division / Brigade sized ground combat units
  • Squadron sized Air and Helicopter units
  • Extensive air war rules covering Escort, Intercept, SEAD, Wild Weasel, Ground Strike and more
  • EF-111 and Yak28 PP Offensive ECM Squadrons
  • E-3 Sentry and A-50 Mainstay AWACS Squadrons
  • Special Forces, Airmobile, Paratroops, Electronic Warfare, Artillery, SSM, SAM and Air Defense Artillery units
  • Rules for Chemical Warfare, Nuclear Warfare and uncontrolled escalation to Strategic Nuclear Exchange
  • Specific operational tactics like Airmobile Antitank Battalions, Active Defense and Single-Echelon Assaults
  • Variable NATO reinforcements, depending on players' decisions and events in the battle of North Atlantic
  • Variable Warsaw Pact reinforcements, depending on Pact's decision for Mobilization and Norway Invasion
  • Unrest and Revolts in Warsaw Pact countries
  • Two different Campaign Games
  • Four smaller scenarios
  • Rated 9.2 on BoardGameGeek!
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