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Adventures in Tehuatl (Swords & Wizardry)

By: Frog God Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Swords & Wizardry (Frog God Games)

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Adventures in Tehuatl (Swords & Wizardry)
Tim Hitchcock, Rob Manning, Tom Knauss
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Adventures in Tehuatl that includes three adventures for 5E, PF1, and Swords & Wizardry that take the characters on a journey across the island. Although not part of a formal story arc or adventure path, when run in succession, characters who partake in the adventures can progress from aspiring heroes to renowned legends. The following adventures also include appendices containing new monsters, magic items, spells, hazards, and equipment.

The Reeducation of Coyotl — by Tom Knauss — The local calmecac has fallen into disarray as the noble scions seem to have imposed their own brand of chaos over the school under the direction of a malevolent master.

Gargoyle Pet Sematary — by Rob Manning — The people’s loyal, miniature pet gargoyles have run amok and turned against their owners, though their mischievous behavior is only the start of what horrors await the town’s residents.

Seven Year Harvest — by Tim Hitchcock — Inadvertently slaying a noble creature comes back to haunt the residents of a small town and requires brave adventures to venture into a forbidden domain as recompense for a grave sin.

Rider on the Storm — by Rob Manning — The awakening of a long slumbering evil has transformed a teenage rite of passage into a horrific nightmare that threatens to spread throughout the land.

The Daughter of the Drowned Serpent — by Tim Hitchcock — The wicked child of an ancient foe plots to return her father to his throne unless the heroes can intervene to stop her terrible plan from coming to fruition.

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