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Apocrypha - The Art of Jason Soles

By: Strix Publishing

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Call of Cthulhu/Lovecraft (Strix Publishing)

MSRP $49.99

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Apocrypha - The Art of Jason Soles
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APOCRYPHA: The Art of Jason Soles collects hundreds of photos of the noted sculptor's works for the first time. This premium edition art book is 9 x 12", 125 pages, features a beautiful matte hardcover with spot gloss treatments, and is bound with Smyth sewn binding allowing it to be opened and lain flat to fully display its full color photographs. Created in collaboration with Strix Publishing, and including a foreword by noted artist George Higham, this book will be a stunning addition to the collection of any connoisseur of the dark arts.

APOCRYPHA is available as a limited edition of 500 copies.

For over a decade Soles has tirelessly refined his craft. His earliest sculptures were assemblage pieces cobbled together from old anatomy models, wire, found objects, and, invariably, fragments of tooth and bone. Clay has long since become his favorite sculpting medium, specifically oil or wax-based clay. In time he began reproducing his works in plaster and polyurethane resin, and, ultimately, lost wax casting in bronze.

Among his favorite subjects for artistic exploration are folklore, grave goods, and fossil remains; those things which remain hidden until discovered, and by whose discovery we are given a glimpse of a lost era of human experience. His artwork can be viewed as a kind of cryptoanthropology, reflecting an obsession with antiquity and the passage of time. Through its myth, tradition, and belief are explored and dissected. Thus, within the body of his work lies a fragmentary, half mythology of lost continents and hidden people, of hellscapes and angelic remains, of chthonic gods and forgotten rituals.

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