Monsters! Monsters! (2nd Edition)

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Monsters! Monsters! (2nd Edition)
Ken St. Andre, David Logvin, Phil Longmeirer
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In 1976 Ken St Andre, the creator of the 2nd oldest role-playing game, Tunnels & Trolls created a companion game to T&T, called Monsters Monsters! It was first published by Metagaming Concepts and then again by Flying Buffalo in 1979. The game remained unchanged from then until now - with the release of this completely NEW, rewritten and reedited edition of one of the oldest RPGs in existence, Monsters! Monsters! now in a 2nd edition after 40 years!

This new edition of Monsters! Monsters! retains much of its original appeal and structure, but with all new art and new options like stunting and monster chaos factor. The new M! M! rules also lists 49 monster kindreds you can play, gives you their dice modifiers and now each has a special power unique to its kindred. Each monster is described in a separate section. Its also better organized and easier to use. (For example - now the monsters are separated into humanoid and non-humanoid types) There are two different types of character sheets, one that includes portraits you can add. There is a Spellbook, weapon and armor lists, new abilities and chaos factor, 18 cut-out full-color standee figures and much more!

And to really cap off the rules, we are including in the book a brand new 26 page Monster! Monster! GM adventure in the ruined dwarven city of Hael'Ku. Filled with treasures, danger and mysteries to solve... Download your copy of Monsters Monsters! today!

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