Maria Watches Over Us - Season 3

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Maria Watches Over Us - Season 3
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The Season 3 DVD Collection will feature the five-episode OVA (original video animation) and five specials that comprise the series third season. It is also the third of several season box sets scheduled for the North American DVD release of Maria Watches Over Us. Each set features Japanese audio, along with English on-screen translations, and two English-language subtitle tracks: one with regular dialogue subtitles and a second, special subtitle track that retains the Japanese honorifics. Additionally, each set will include the specials comedic shorts that depict the series characters in chibi form for its respective season. The Maria Watches Over Us anime is based upon an ongoing series of novels written by Oyuki Konno and illustrated by Reine Hibiki that began in 1998 and currently spans 33 volumes. Short stories related to the series have been published in the shoujo (girls) magazine Cobalt, and a manga adaptation was serialized in the anthology magazine Margaret. The series publisher, Shueisha, also produced 14 drama CDs (featuring radio-style plays). The anime adaptation of Maria-sama ga Miteru also referred to by fans as MariMite encompasses two, 13-episode TV seasons, a 5-episode OVA (original video animation) as its third season, and a fourth season, which is currently in production in Japan and scheduled to air during Winter 2009. The first three seasons of Maria Watches Over Us feature animation by Studio DEEN (Fruits Basket, Gravitation, Rurouni Kenshin), direction by Yukihiro Matsushita (Blue Dragon, Sugar Sugar Rune), and scripting by Reiko Yoshida (Aria, Boys Over Flowers, Story of Saiunkoku). About MARIA WATCHES OVER US (Maria-sama ga Miteru) Season 3 - Summer has arrived, and the students of Lillian Girls' Academy are on break! Yumi and Sachiko head out to the Ogasawara family's summer home, but what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation takes a turn for the worse when some of Sachiko s old acquaintances drop by for tea. These rich and snobby debutantes don t think Yumi is worthy of Sachiko's affection, and they’re out to make this summer one she'll regret. Contains the complete 5-episode third season (OVA), plus specials 1-5.

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