With Talon and Claw

By: League of Augsburg, The

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Product Line: Miniature Wargaming Rules (League of Augsburg, The)

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With Talon and Claw
Barry Hilton
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With Talon and Claw is a rules supplement focused on The Great Northern War fought between 1700 and 1721, and Eastern Wars between the Ottoman Empire and European powers during the period 1670 to 1723. The book is a resource for gamers wishing to understand these conflicts and build tabletop forces to recreate the battles of the age.

With Talon and Claw is a companion volume to The War of Three Kings which contains the 3rd edition of Beneath the Lily Banners. The core rules concepts within The War of Three Kings act as a hub with specific adaptions to handle the particular aspects of warfare, weapons and tactics in the Northern and Eastern theatres detailed in the book you now hold. Both conflicts were significantly different from the contemporaneous Western style of Horse and Musket warfare and require a variety of modifications to recreate the gaming challenges.

This book can be used as a stand-alone resource; however, if you wish to game using Beneath the Lily Banners 3rd edition you will also need a copy of The War of Three Kings.

Inside you will find a period primer, explanations of troop types and tactics, conflict-specific rule modifications, an army builder section with numerous uniform and flag plates plus a detailed example game explaining the mechanisms in action on the tabletop.

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