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#54 "The Return of the Darwin"

By: Amarillo Design Bureau (ADB)

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Star Fleet Battles - Captain's Log (ADB)

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#54 "The Return of the Darwin"
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The Darwin!

The legendary survey cruiser, thought to be lost in an Andromedan ambush, is pulled into a temporal rift and hurled a decade into the future.

There, it meets the last surviving Federation squadron and gains the secrets to victory in the Andromedan War. Can it return through the rift before it is too late to save a glaxay?

Star Fleet Battles: Two new Tholian ships, two new Romulan ships, four new Kzinti destoryers, four new Omega-Paravian ships, Sapphire Victory, the secret files on the Spave Tarantual, 16 battlegroups, seven new scenarios.

Federation Commander: Gunboats, new ships, new scenarios, battlegroups.

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet: Two new Klingon Frankenships and more.

Starmada: Preview of Vudar from Rumors of Wars, Klingon Frankenships.

Star Fleet battle Force: Monsters!

Federation & Empire: Alpine Rain scenario, shipyards, tactics, and more.

Even more: Battalion-sized battle for Fleet Marines. Vega colony profile for Prime Directive. Galactic Conquest.

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