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Age of Aether

By: Greyleaf Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Age of Aether

Last Stocked on 1/29/2021

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Age of Aether
Product Line
Calvin Studzinski
Publish Year
NKG Part #


The steam churns, the gears turn…

Turning you back, back in time to an age of industry, revolution, and change, to a world where magic is not merely superstition, but proven scientific fact, as natural as the birds that fly and only slightly less wonderous than the machines that dare to do the same. How your world reacts to these elements is up to you and your fellow players.

This is a complete rulebook for game masters and players alike, giving you everything you need to live your ultimate historical steampunk adventure. Whether you hear the call of magic, feel the allure of automata, or desire the power of really big guns, you’ll find it all within these pages.

Discover yourself through any of 10 playable character races. Pit your friends against the technological limitations of an era now long past and the fantastic forces of a time which never was. Disbanding character classes and decoupling skills from attributes means your story goes as far as you can imagine, waiting just at the edge of reality, waiting, within the Age of Aether.

Age of Aether uses a step-die system, where bonuses and penalties change the type of die you roll from d2 to d12 and every die in between. In addition, attributes are decoupled from skills, meaning that the Game Master decides what attribute and skill are required for each roll. This gives a great amount of flexibility to GM and player, and helps prevent min-maxing. The addition of focus points - which players may use to improve die rolls, deflect damage, survive certain death, and more - helps players feel more heroic, and also survive the deadly enemies that they will face in their adventures.

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