Battlestar Galactica - Sagittarius is Bleeding

By: Tor Books

Type: Novel - Softcover

Product Line: Science Fiction Novels (Tor Books)

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Battlestar Galactica - Sagittarius is Bleeding
Peter David
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Novel - Softcover


President Laura Roslin bears a heavy burden. Since becoming the president of the twelve human colonies when the Cylons brutally attacked and destroyed all but a small remnant of humanity's billions, she has been the voice of civil authority, counterbalancing the military leadership of Commander Adama of the Battlestar Galactica. President Roslin has been a source of inspiration to the tens of thousands who survive on Galactica and the other colonial ships. They look to her for honesty, integrity, and courage. For fairness and an evenhanded rule. And most importantly, for the prophecy she has shared with them. Earth, the fabled home of the lost colony, can be found. She has seen this in a vision which has the power of truth. Recently, though, her dreams have been darker, of a galaxy overrun by Cylons… Is she having visions of an inevitable future? Or are these terrible dreams caused by powerful medication she's been taking? More dangerously, the Midguardians, radicals who believe that the end of humanity is coming soon, have learned of Roslin's dreams and taken them as a sign. Now, the Midguardians prepare to act. President Roslin faces the most important decision of her life, should she tell Commander Adama about the Midguardians, and risk being imprisoned again as a traitor, or dare she keep her secret, and possibly endanger the future of the entire fleet…

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