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Royals, The

By: Warner Books

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Historical Books (Warner Books)

Last Stocked on 11/29/2020

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Royals, The
Kitty Kelley
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They are the most chronicled family on the face of the globe. Their every move attracts headlines. Scores of books have tried and failed to penetrate the royal facade. Now Kitty Kelley has gone behind palace walls to provide the first three-dimensional, comprehensive, and evenhanded portrait of the men and women who make up the British Royal family. Kelley spent more than four years investigating the royal family. In addition to meticulous research into documented sources, she conducted hundreds of exclusive interviews with past and present employees of the royal household, royal friends and relations, courtiers, members of Parliament, and other intimate observers, raising the curtain on this most secretive family.

Here are lonely royal children brought up without a proper education in isolated and artificial surroundings, twentieth-century adolescents with nineteenth-century touchstones. Here are the sexual ambiguities, the alcoholism, gambling, and womanizing that were common in the House of Windsor long before Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer. No one is spared; here are the scandals of the last decades: the doomed marriages, and the husbands, wives, lovers and children caught in their wake and damaged beyond repair.

Illuminating the Windsors' arrogance, nai vete , and lusts as well as hard work, dedication, and ability to survive the most humiliating disclosures, "The Royals" is Kitty Kelley's richest, most iconoclastic, historically significant, and compelling work.

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