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Aegis of Empires #2 - The Ebon Soul (Pathfinder 2nd Edition)

By: Legendary Games

Type: Module

Product Line: Pathfinder 2nd Edition (Legendary Games)

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Aegis of Empires #2 - The Ebon Soul (Pathfinder 2nd Edition)
Jeff Swank
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Darker than Midnight!

The legendary Crimson Shroud is a wondrous relic with miraculous healing powers, able to undo the deadliest of curses, but when the heroes go in quest of it they find they are not alone in its seeking. Dark agents work against them at every turn to find the prized artifact first, their shadowy fingers reaching through the very fabric of the city of Tourse. Who is a conspirator and who can be trusted are the questions the adventurers must answer as they race against time and a fate worse than death. In the end, their greatest test may be in facing the darkness awakened within their very souls.

The Ebon Soul is a Pathfinder Second Edition adventure for 5th-level characters in the Lost Lands Campaign Setting. This rich and exciting world 20 years in the making has been home to dozens of adventures from Necromancer Games and Frog God Games and produced with their cooperation to be compatible with The World of the Lost Lands campaign guide! It is the first of six adventures in the Aegis of Empires Adventure Path, with each adventure exploring hitherto unexplored areas of the Lost Lands with a combination of horror, intrigue, deadly danger, and the lure of ancient mysteries.

While designed for use with the Lost Lands, these adventures are loosely connected rather than following a strictly controlled plotline, enabling you to easily place them into any campaign world. Your heroes can explore at their own pace to discover the secrets of antiquity or be consumed in their seeking as they brave the dark paths of the Aegis of Empires. Grab this incredible 64-page Pathfinder Second Edition adventure today and Make Your Game Legendary!