Adult White Dragon Premium Figure

By: WizKids

Type: Minis Box Set

Product Line: D&D Miniatures - Icons of the Realms - Premium Figures & Figure Sets

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Adult White Dragon Premium Figure
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Minis Box Set


The smallest, least intelligent, and most animalistic of the chromatic dragons, white dragons dwell in frigid clims, favoring artic areas or icy mountains. They are vicious cruel reptiles driven by hunger and greed.

A white dragon has feral eyes, a sleek profile, and a spined crest. The scales of a wyrmling white dragon glisten pure white. As the dragon ages, its sheen disappears and some of it’s scales begin to darken, so that by the time it is old it is mottled by patches of pale blue and light gray. This patterning helps the dragon blend into the realms of ice and tone in which it hunts, and to fade from view when it soars across a cloud filled sky.

Over 175mm tall, the Adult White Dragon is an excellent addition to your miniatures collection. Sculpted with highly detailed features and using premium paints, this white dragon is a great foe for any adventure!

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