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25mm Specialist Base Hugger Set, Translucent Grey

By: Litko Aerosystems

Type: Supplies

Product Line: Warhammer 40k - Kill Team Accessories (Litko Aerosystems)

10 pcs.

Last Stocked on 4/22/2024

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25mm Specialist Base Hugger Set, Translucent Grey
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(10) Translucent Grey Specialist 25mm Base Hugger Token Set

Compatible with Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team miniatures game rules.

The base hugger style tokens are compatible with the most common Warhammer 40,000 base sizes. Base Hugger sizes available for 25mm, 32mm, and 40mm bases. Be sure to check your model base size to get the correct set to fit your bases.

Specialist tokens allow you to track which models have specific abilities and tactics during play. Place the token on the backside of the model base.

This set includes (1) of each for 25mm bases:

  • Combat Specialists - Improve the attack and damaging effects of the troops in the combat phase.
  • Comms Specialists - Buff allied troop shooting and debuff enemy troops in combat.
  • Demolition Specialists - Use abilities with grenades, flamers, and indirect weapon use.
  • Heavy Specialist - Improves shooting with heavy weapons and boost armor to get the troops into range.
  • Leader Specialist - The only mandatory specialist and allows you to buff your other troops and supply you with command points during the game.
  • Medic Specialists - Minimize the effects of wounds and damage and improve the effects of the melee combat of the team.
  • Scout Specialists - Improve the deployment, movement, and after battle resolution to your team.
  • Sniper Specialists - Boosted range and improved weapon shooting effects.
  • Veteran Specialists - Experienced troops that have improved rerolls, better morale, and improved armor saves.

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