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Chrome Book #1 & #2 (Reprint Edition)

By: R. Talsorian

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Cyberpunk (R. Talsorian)

Last Stocked on 2/25/2023

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Chrome Book #1 & #2 (Reprint Edition)
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Please note that this item is a reprint edition that comes directly from R. Talsorian Games and while all content is identical to the original printings it has the same markers as POD book such as the back blank page and the barcode on the page.

In this second compilation of the bestselling Chromebook series, we bring together our hit volumes 1 and 2 for a serious one-two punch!

Cyberware: New tech and new metal to maximize your character!
Vehicles: Cars, bikes, copters, AVs and -- Dragons?
Softwear: Brainburning superware for cracking the toughest Data fortresses.
Weapons: Stopping power and style in dozens of potent packages!
Fashion 2000 Plus: Seductive Styles and Lethal Looks from Eji, Psiberstuff and other hot designers!
Exotics: New bio-bodyware to uncage the animal in you!
Services: When you absolutely, positively have to get it done -- by someone else!
Housing: Because there's more to life than a Renta-cube!
Full Body Borgs: New Body Replacements for the Metal-Inclined!
Teams: Manpower for hire! No job too big! No contract too deadly!

Back in print and ready to boost your campaign to the next level; it's Chromebook 1/2. Because in Cyberpunk, you can never bee too rich -- or too far out on the Edge!

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