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Insight Fantasy Core Rules


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Product Line: Insight Fantasy

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Insight Fantasy Core Rules
Product Line
Even V. Rossland
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All your actions can change the story.
If you don’t like being a spectator, listening to the Game Master reading you a story all evening, Insight Fantasy should be your #1 choice because everything you do can have an impact on the story as the GM knows it.
Insight Fantasy has all the mechanisms you would expect from a fantasy RPG, but the main difference is the player’s ability to make significant changes to the story through their Player Characters.

Maybe you want to do something unexpected, something not described in the GM’s notes. Maybe you discover something that the GM didn’t know anything about. This is not only possible when playing Insight Fantasy; it is a major part of the game.

The world is full of surprises yet to be discovered. Many items, persons, buildings, and locations have secrets to be revealed, secrets not known even to the GM. This insight is for the Player Characters to discover, Insight that may change the outcome of their adventures or even change the world.

This book features

  • Core Rules and Mechanics

  • Player Character Generation

  • Skills and Actions

  • Weapons and Armor

  • Equipment

  • Magic Spells

  • Divine Powers

  • Psionics

  • Alchemy

  • and how to Acquire Insight and Change the Story
The GM should also have a copy of the Game Master’s Compendium, which describes how to create open and changeable adventures.

Insight Fantasy is a further development of the Insight RPG System, a universal classless system. The list of Skills has been modified to suit a fantasy setting, and some system functions have been changed, but—all in all—the core system should be familiar for those who have played the Insight RPG System. You do not need the Insight RPG System Core Rulebook to play Insight Fantasy; it is a stand-alone system.

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