Bill Psyches & Bulleseye (Metal Gamers Edition)

By: Demented Games

Type: Minis Pack

Product Line: Twisted - A Steampunk Skirmish Game - The Dickensians

2 figures

MSRP $17.95

Product Info

Bill Psyches & Bulleseye (Metal Gamers Edition)
Sebastian Archer
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Minis Pack


Bill Psyches is a thug, plain and simple. He is concerned with nothing but the accumulation of wealth and power, and he cares not how he gains either. Bill uses threats and intimidation to keep his allies in line and control the streets above the Dickensians' sewer lair.

Since 'The Twisting', Bill has become convinced that he is beset by demons that guide his actions. In truth this is simply The Engine using him as a pawn in its machinations.

Bullseye is Bill Psyches' ever-faithful attack dog. Bullseye is always first to Bill's side in a fight and his steel jaws can deliver a bite that can break bone and shear through the strongest armour!

Bill Psyches and Bullseye are both 32mm-scale miniatures sculpted by Sebastian Archer.

Miniatures come with Character and Activation cards for playing Twisted!

Multi-part miniatures, sold unpainted and require assembly.

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