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Stegarous, Parasolar, and Tricerous

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Stegarous, Parasolar, and Tricerous
Product Note: 3 figures
Publish Year: 2020
Dimensions: 4.25x7x1"
Restockable: Yes
NKG part #: 2149009023
Type: Miniatures Pack

Stegarous, Parasolar, and Tricerous
Stegarous, Parasolar, and Tricerous



Stegarous has only been seen in battle twice during the Bot War but this is enough to prove that he is easily the most aggressive of the Beastlords.

Millenia ago when the Beastlords were sent by the One Stegarous was just one of one hundred. Some say the Beastlords have been on Earth since the Dark Ages, others suggest much earlier than that, going back to antediluvian times. There is one myth that give credence to this.

During those times the Earth was rocked by titanic changes and supernatural entities rose to challenge and rule humanity. The self-proclaimed gods of destruction set themselves against the natural order of the very planet. There were 5 gods that arose. Beings of the elements. Of these, two are well known through the surviving archeological artefacts of the ancient world. The god of the sea and the god of the earth. Leviathan and Destroyer. The 5 gods agreed to divide the planet, each taking a kingdom of man to rule and enslave. However one god was softer of heart than the others and relinquished his rule. Allowing mankind to govern themselves he disappeared.

The remaining 4 warred over the 5th gods spoils and the people of this land cried out for help. When the situation seemed most dire a comet was seen hurtling to Earth. Within this projectile 100 Beastlords stood ready to do battle in defense of the people against the 4 gods.

Powerful beyond belief, this force was still hard pressed. The 4 gods towered over the Beastlords. Each god was a mighty engine of destruction not matched in the galaxy, their bodies requiring so much power to even operate a human could not exist within 500 meters or be instantly vaporized.

A titanic war raged over 30 days and 2 of the gods were destroyed, but at a cost of 60 Beastlords lives. 2 still remained. Earth and Water. These gods were the most powerful and it was unlikely that the remaining Beastlord numbers were enough to destroy these entities.

It was Stegarous who first received the download from the one showing the weaknesses of the two remaining gods. Stegarous outlined the plan to defeat the remaining two gods. 7 Beastlords were chosen from the remaining 40. These Beastlords would undertake a perilous mission of stealth to sabotage the power source of the gigantic bodies. The remaining Beastlords would attack the gods as a diversion to give the other 7 the best chance. All knew a frontal attack would be a suicide mission.

Against the odds, the Beastlords prevailed. All of the Beastlords committed to the diversionary attack were utterly destroyed or missing. The 7 Beastlords survived. Stegarous, Tricerous, Tyrannous, Brontous, Arkynor, Parasolar and Dactylous survived this cataclysm and continue to function to this day.

The two gods, now bodiless, still rage in the ether. They are drawn to huge outputs of energy and are particularly drawn to Bot combined bodies. However the bodies are puny and weak compared to their original bodies of ancient times. So their true power cannot fully be manifested.

However the Beastlords remain. Ever vigilant against the return of the gods of ancient times. Who knows if any others survived the final battle? Although only 7, these remain committed to the defense of mankind against the powerful evil entities in the ether.

Parasolar is the smallest of the Beastlords however this doesn’t make him any less formidable. Parasolar has only been seen once in battle and has never spoken. He remains an aloof force in the Bot War.

Parasolar, like Brontous, is particularly nimble across swamp or water. Much more so than his size and weigh would suggest.

Tricerous dwells in a volcanic region. For some reason the metal of his body seems impervious too high heat. Indeed Tricerous is also a master of flame, being able to shoot balls of fire an incredible distance.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.