Awesome Simulation Games 2020 Edition w/Taiwan Strait Crisis 1950s

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Awesome Simulation Games 2020 Edition w/Taiwan Strait Crisis 1950s
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This simulation is amazing! List of works introduced in 2020:

  • You can see it if you look at it (War Room)
  • Big is good (War Room / German-Soviet blitzkrieg)
  • This red army is struggling! But the Red Army is also fun (German Soviet blitzkrieg)
  • Basics of basic defense tactics in war games (German Soviet Blitz / Rise of Blitz Creek)
  • The big game of Simonich is amazing! (Stalingrad '42)
  • This Hoube, Yabezo (Breakout: 1st Panzer Army)
  • I will teach you how to drop the atomic bomb (Operation Pincher)
  • It became like this when a battle that nobody knew was made into a game (Hanekura battle ~ Disturbance of Musashikuni's appearance ~)
  • Hannibal's (older father) is amazing! (Hannibal & Hamilcar)
  • It's amazing because it's a mini game (Gettysburg)
  • "Fighting class! "Battle of Aircraft Carrier" in "Koreha What Simulate Citerno Desuka?" (Fighting Class! Battle of Aircraft Carrier)
  • Simulation to evaluate strategy as Chief Commander (La Grande Armee 1805)
  • Beyond the Mirage -- Miniature War Game 2019 (Flames of War)
  • Welcome to the X dimension (invaders from the X dimension)
  • This simulation is dangerous!? Too many extra decks! (Ships & Tactics)
  • This "Risk" is amazing (Risk: Office Politics)
  • Theme-driven game design is amazing (Pax Emancipation)
  • This is a completely war game, isn't it? (Root)
  • The Stillness of the Wind

      This is a Japanese-Language item and includes no English components unless noted in the condition note.

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