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Age of Chivalry, The

By: Avant-Garde Simulations Perspectives (ASP)

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Miniature Wargame Rules (ASP)

Last Stocked on 7/14/2020

Product Info

Age of Chivalry, The
Marshall Rose, Mark Knight
Publish Year
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The 1970’s remain a golden time in the history of the gaming hobby. The miniatures war gaming hobby evolved beyond its old confines to include the roleplaying game as we know it and everyone wanted to stake their claim as the next greatest thing in adventure gaming.

This item is one such example of the rapidly expanding group of people taking a stab and making the new gold standard of rules. This ruleset functions mostly as a miniature wargame rulebook, much as chainmail did for OD&D, however printed directly into the book is a special “campaigns” section providing the basic outline of making the game function as a combat-heavy roleplaying game.

If you are interested in a collection of the most obscure an intriguing items from this era of gaming history, then this item is a grand opportunity for you to put an item in your collection unlikely to be found anywhere else.

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