War Stories Expansion

By: Word Forge Games

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: D-Day Dice (Word Forge Games)

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War Stories Expansion
Emmanuel Aquin
Publish Year
NKG Part #
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Boxed Game
Age Range
14 Years and Up
# Players
1 - 4 Players
Game Length
45 Minutes


June 6th, 1944. Landing on the beaches was just the beginning! There are missions to accomplish, servicemen to save and objectives to sabotage. Along the way you will fight alongside legendary units from all the Allied nations with the unique specialists and powerful gear. When all this is over, you will have a lot of war stories to tell…

This expansion to D-Day Dice adds a lot of contents to the game in form of 5 modules that can be played individually or mixed together:

War Stories are mini-scenarios that can be played on any Battle Map, each with its own specific rules or objectives. With the High Tide drown your soldiers? Can you stop the enemy Troop Transports? Will you be Saving Private Bryan? 30 War Stories are included.

Servicemen are cards that represent individual troopers you encounter during the fighting. Each of these 48 cards gives you free dice results to be added to your final tally – to help you obtain those elusive RWB bonuses.

Legendary Units put you in the boots of soldiers from historical outfits that participated in the Normandy invasion. From the Royal Engineers to the US 1st Infantry Division, each of these 12 Legendary Units gives you 2 exclusive Specialists, 3 exclusive Items and a unique table of RWB bonuses.

Last Man Standing is a new way to play the game, including special rules and a new table of RWB bonuses. It plays like the normal game but in reverse: instead of rolling dice to see how many resources you gain, you roll to see how many you lose!

Poland is a new playable country that adds a new color and a unique table for RWB bonuses

Also included are Awards, airborne Specialists and 6 exciting Battle Maps that tell the story of the nighttime airborne operations of D-Day, with special dice, rules for air drops, random starting locations, command posts and more!

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