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Johnny 'The Machine' Maino

By: Postindustrial Games

Type: Minis Pack

Product Line: Human Interface

2 pcs.

Product Info

Johnny 'The Machine' Maino
Product Line
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Minis Pack


Combat hacker - sysop squad - Johnny “The Machine” Maino Alert, Alert...

Object found, tracking source...

Source found, initializing ID procedure...

ID negative, access code not found...

Initializing intruder isolation procedure, intruder code isolated... Initializing host ID procedure...

Host HI ID in progress, HI found...

Hostile code neutralization in progress, isolated code deleted... Connecting to host, uploading worm v. 1.6...

Host system on alert and engaging emergency disconnect...

Physical link location verified, dispatching intervention team... Reconstructing damaged system portions, database integrity intact... Alert, Alert...

A 3-minute slice of Johnny “The Machine” Maino’s workday, the most accomplished sysop in the history of the Police Department

Box content:

  • 1 metal miniatures
  • 1 ID cards
  • 2 weapon and gear cards
  • 1 plastic bases
Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

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