Freedom's Price - Poland 1

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Product Line: Advanced Squad Leader - Eastern Front

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Freedom's Price - Poland 1
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Rogozno, Poland, 18 September 1939: Army Krakow found the Germans in a hedgehog position from the town of Tomaszow Lubelski to the nearby village of Rogozno (to the west). A major attack was at once prepared in an attempt to break out towards Romania, a nation still friendly to Poland. The Warsaw Mechanized Brigade was to take the lead. A strong infantry group containing the bulk of the cavalry units attacked from the northwest, while rifle infantry units, joined by twenty-two 7TP tanks, a few Vickers and some tankettes, attacked from the west and southwest. Eight Vickers tanks, along with tankettes of the 11th company, supported the attack against the village of Rogozno. Despite heavy fighting, the attack failed. Four Vickers and eight tankettes were lost. The attack was renewed after dark, but again, despite fierce fighting, the Poles achieved only minimal success, and only one Vickers was left. On the next day, the Poles supported by the last Vickers and seven 7TP, attempted a night assault again. It failed, leaving only one 7TP. On 20 September an ultimate attempt was made against the reinforced German position and after its failure, the Brigade had to capitulate.

You will need the ASLRB and the usual markers, dice, and World War II Nationalities.


  • Color Folio
  • Four 18” x 12” Cardstock Maps
  • One Countersheet of 280 Counters
  • 8 Scenarios
Scenarios Included:

  • Sochaczew Stand – Sochaczew, Poland, September 14th 1939
  • Tankette Fist – Tomaszow Lubelski, Poland, September 18th 1939
  • The Flak’s First Trial – Pilatka, Poland, September 9th 1939
  • Run, Run, Run – Pilatka, Poland, September 10th 1939
  • Gonzo - Rogozno, Poland, September 18th 1939
  • Before the Warthe – Katowice, Poland, September 2nd 1939
  • Trybunalski Tribunal – Piotrkow, Poland, September 5th 1939
  • Fight or Die – Shatsk, Poland, September 28th 1939

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