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Witchin' Hour Core Rulebook

By: Hazard Game Design

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Witchin' Hour

MSRP old price: $42.95

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Witchin' Hour Core Rulebook
Product Line
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Welcome to Witchin’ Hour. A brand new 2-player tabletop skirmish game that pits Witch Hunters and their retinues of righteous men against foul Witches and their henchmen.
Armed with swords and unshakable faith you will hunt and fight the loathsome Witches that roam the land and prey on the weak and innocent. Or hurl deadly spells and order numerous dedicated cultists into the fray to get rid of those meddlesome soldiers.

Choose a side and determine the faith of the innocent populace of the land.

The rules presented in the rulebook give players the tools to form a warband or coven of their own liking and equip them with the weapons, spells and skills they want.

There are no restrictions to setting or time period.

The game has a new way of deploying your forces, making this phase less static and gives players the opportunity to outwit their opponent from the start.

During the activation phase models can respond to actions of the active player by using tokens. Spend your tokens wisely and thwart your opponent's plans.

Close combat is straightforward and you can try to outbluff your opponent when choosing how many dice you will roll for the attack or defence. A single roll of the dice determines the outcome of a close combat. So no need to roll separately for to hit, wounds and saves.