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GM's Miscellany - Monstrous Lairs I

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GM's Miscellany - Monstrous Lairs I
Genre: RPG - Fantasy
Publish Year: 2020
Pages: 52
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.5"
Restockable: Yes
NKG part #: 2148949375
Type: Softcover


Are you a busy GM? Does session prep take too long? Do you never have time to work on the cool little details that can bring your adventures, dungeons and campaign to life? Each Monstrous Lair instalment gives you, the time-crunched GM, the tools to effortlessly add verisimilitude and detail to your dungeons. Use the material herein either before or during play and bask in your players' adulation.

GM's Miscellany: Monstrous Lair I Contains:

  • Owlbear Den
  • Troll Cave
  • Ogre’s Cave
  • Goblin Raiding Camp
  • Harpy’s Nest
  • Minotaur’s Den
  • Giant Spider’s Web
  • Ghoul Nest
  • Wights’ Barrow
  • Mummy’s Crypt
  • Dark Creeper Village
  • Medusa Lair
  • Aboleth’s Sunken Cavern
  • Lizardfolk Village
  • Bandit Camp
  • Thieves’ Hideout
  • Witch’s Hovel
  • Bugbears’ Lair
  • Gnolls’ Camp
  • Kobold Warren
  • Pirates’ Cove
  • Sahuagin’s Sunken Cave