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Antietam (Limited Sharpsburg Edition)

By: Command Post Games

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: Pub Battles

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Last Stocked on 2/12/2024

Product Info

Antietam (Limited Sharpsburg Edition)
Product Line
Publish Year
NKG Part #
Boxed Game
Age Range
12 Years and Up
# Players
1 - 14 Players
Game Length
45 - 90 Minutes


In Pub Battles: Antietam, players fight in this final battle of Lee's 1862 invasion of the north.

This system is known for:

  • fast play time (1.5 hours)
  • simple rules (1 page quick start rules)
  • stunning components (real canvas period map with hardwood kriegsspiel style blocks.)
Units move by Corps in random order (chit pull). Your HQs can attempt to alter this sequence. This recreates the random chaos of battlefields. Players must watch for timing opportunities / threats; and be able to adapt their plans to battlefield conditions. You can order your troops forward but you can’t be certain WHEN they will move.

There are no hexes or areas in this game. Pieces simply move mini style across the terrain.

No CRT. Players simply roll dice to score hits in combat.

The Confederates are badly outnumbered but in good defensive terrain. With their backs to the Potomac River, there was only 1 route of escape to the south. If the Federals can cut this link, Lee's army will be forced to surrender, ending the war early.

-"Antietam was a blast! This battle is like a bare knuckle, back alley brawl!"

You can play in multiplayer teams (up to 14 players) with each player controlling 1 or more Corps with restricted communication.