Guts of Glory

By: Zach Gage

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: Board Games (Zach Gage)

Product Info

Guts of Glory
Publish Year
NKG Part #
Boxed Game
Age Range
13 Years and Up
# Players
2 - 4 Players
Game Length
30 - 45 Minutes


In Guts of Glory, you compete to be the greatest eater in the world— not that there's much competition (or world), but what's left is fierce. You start with an empty mouth and a full plate of delicious comestibles. Each turn, you must cram a new delicacy into your mouth.

Then, you must chew (always chew your food!), swallowing anything that's been masticated into submission. Some cards give you glory, bringing you closer to victory, while others bolster your abilities or wreak havoc on an opponent's mouth.

But beware! If you need to feed but have no room in your mouth, you'll have to spew one of your precious cards at another competitor, along with the chance for extra glory. After all, it's always more glorious to swallow something spewed at you than to just eat something off a plate. Right?

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