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Adventurers Backpack - Equipment Cards

By: Troll Lord Games

Type: Box Set

Product Line: Castles & Crusades - Gaming Aids & Supplements

Last Stocked on 5/2/2020

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Adventurers Backpack - Equipment Cards
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Box Set


Equipping your character was never so easy!! We've designed a series of playing cards that each sport a fully realized backpack for your favorite character (well any character really) in your favorite game (well any fantasy game really). Each playing card lists a backpack and its contents. Pick the backpack that best fits your character, deduct the cost from your treasure, and boom, you're equipped!

Designed for use with any RPG.

Each of the 52 playing cards comes with a list of special backpacks and all its contents. There are 34 different backpack cards. Each of the backpacks contains equipment designed for specific terrain, character classes or specialties.

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