Science versus Pluck or "too Much for the Mahdi" (1987 Version)

By: Virtual Armchair General, The

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Product Line: Miniature Wargame (Virtual Armchair General, The)

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Science versus Pluck or "too Much for the Mahdi" (1987 Version)
Howard Whitehouse
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Mixing elements of Role Playing Games, traditional Free Kriegspiel, and a fully developed miniatures rules system, SvP is the last word in war gaming the campaigns of Hicks, Baker, Gordon, Wolesley, and Kitchener.

Playable in variable scales, with no need to re-base existing figures, SvP can quickly be grasped and played by novices and old Sudan veterans alike.

SvP is unique in that the Mahdis Ansar are operated by the Umpire with special game tables, and the British and Egyptian forces are controlled by the Players themselves.

Rules are included for every concern, as well as Nile Steamers, Railroads, Logistics, Personal Combats, and more. A major resource of Sudan military lore, full organizational information, tactical practices, uniform information, and actual writings by the men who fought there are the backbone of the work.

If you were to own only one source for war gaming the Sudan, SvP is it.

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