Outbreak - Undead Intro Manual (Free RPG Day 2019)

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Product Line: Outbreak - Undead (1st Edition)

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Outbreak - Undead Intro Manual (Free RPG Day 2019)
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Threat of riots escalate tension

For greenhorns and veterans alike, the official Outbreak: Undead.. Intro Manual contains the “Quick Start Guide” that will give players a quick reference of gameplay basics as well as a starter scenario including a cast of premade characters to choose from… the “Tri County Precinct!”

“All hell has broken loose around the annual Tri-County Halloween Parade. The police are overwhelmed with desperate calls. Those few that remain in the station begin a fight for their lives, and the lives of the dispatch crew, as they desperately try to relay information to officers in the field as chaos overtakes the town.”

Can the remaining officers, a nurse, a convict, and a bunch of drunk-tank burn-outs find a way to escape the hordes? Will they act in time before the infected choke out all escape routes?

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