Baurgar's Prize

By: Kenzer & Co.

Type: Module

Product Line: HackMaster (5th Edition)

Last Stocked on 6/17/2019

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Baurgar's Prize
Jolly Blacburn
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Baurgar’s Prize is an adventure centering around a cave (the Ma’Kurun Caverns, hidden among the deep ravines of the Sadok Forest of Aldrazar) that is occupied by a bugbear splinter group who have peeled away from their band after a period of infighting. It can be easily dropped down into pretty much any remote forested area by simply disregarding the backstory or making minor changes.

The GM should note that this adventure reflects the author’s fondness for allowing players to wade in over their heads if their actions so dictate. Life isn’t always fair and balanced. Some encounters can’t always be tackled with brute force and spell lobbing. As such, Challenge vs. Party Level isn’t strictly by the book.

Depending on the party (and your players), they may be confronted with the realization at some point, “Dudes we need to pull out!” There’s no shame in having to regroup, recruit allies to help with the challenge, or imply deciding to move on. Here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that.

If things do turn south for the group there are ample opportunities for them to withdraw and try again unless of course they push too far before taking advantage of those opportunities.

Includes a new monster, a new magic item suite and several personality writeups as well as an epilogue that provides for additional violence.

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