Sagas of Midgard

By: Drinking Horn Games

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Sagas of Midgard

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Sagas of Midgard
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This world is no place for the weak. Those who are not strong enough to defend themselves can only hope to hide in their villages and pray to their gods that destruction does not come. But not you. You are a Drengr, a chosen warrior of the Gods of Midgard. You’ve been fighting since you were old enough to hold a weapon. You may fight for survival. You may fight for wealth. You may fight for the glory of the Gods who watch over the Nine Worlds.

  • A simple, intuitive rules system that values and encourages player creativity and storytelling over number-crunching and rules reference
  • A rich, fully developed and brutal world in which character death is a feature, not a bug
  • An intuitive, simple character creation system featuring over 27 Surnames and Titles allowing you to make the kind of Viking warrior YOU want to be
  • Over 120 Character Powers, including the universal “With Joy I Cease” that allows you to sacrifice your character gloriously to kill any foe
  • A unique Raiding and Player Settlement system that allows player skill and creativity to overcome challenges and capture cities for their own
  • 24 Runes derived from the Elder Futhark that allow for the use of powerful one-off magics as well as devastating chained effects
  • 39 Savage Monsters, with proprietary “Horde” and “Champion” Templates allowing for epic, large-scale battles in which your Heroes fight through a hundred foes (or more!)
  • 18 Artifacts: powerful magical items that sometimes have a mind of their own
  • Four beautifully written prefabricated Adventures to take you from your first very raid to the literal end of the world
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