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Shadowrun Original Logo Artwork


Type: Art

Product Line: Shadowrun - Original Art & Prints

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Shadowrun Original Logo Artwork
Dana Knutson, Jeff Laubenstein, Jim Nelson
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High Tech… Low Life…

Or perhaps not?

Maybe one lucky runner managed to avoid all the classic pitfalls: no death by corporate assassins, no untimely end after hacking the wrong data, and definitely no deals with dragons. Maybe, somewhere out there there’s just one soul who made it well enough to settle down and spend all of that glorious, hard-earned loot. Such a person would need just the right thing to represent their success, one perfect symbol to show the world their devotion.

And, here it is, the single greatest prize that any runner could possibly claim.

Yes, this is your chance to buy a legendary artifact, the original Shadowrun Logo artwork acquired by Noble Knight Games directly from former FASA art director, Dana Knutson. This is an opportunity that comes not once in a lifetime, but once, period.

From its very inception, this piece was destined for greatness. It was a group effort between three FASA artists, each a legend in their own right. The design was originally created by Jeff Laubenstein, a prolific illustrator for both Shadowrun and Battletech whose influence you can see throughout the illustrations of both games. The type was chosen at the discretion of Jim Nelson, an artist whose body of work from his years at FASA, Wizards of the Coast, and beyond is far too large to detail here. The final painting of the piece was at the hand of Dana Knutson, renowned for his work on all of FASA’s lines including many of the iconic mechs and symbols of Battletech and countless illustrations for other Shadowrun products.

Measuring 39” x 28” in its frame, this piece would be a striking display, even if not for its history, and that history only ups the ante. Included with the piece is a custom plaque with the artists names and a brief description to give your display a true gallery feel.

At the very dawn of the game, in 1989, this emblem was the face of Shadowrun; the stylized “S” introduced in this piece has persisted all the way into today with the game’s 5th edition. This is no mere drawing, it is a touchstone back to a time when the dark, fast, brutal world of Shadowrun was just beginning and the possibilities that lay ahead were infinite.

And if you play your cards right, it can be yours.

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