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Armies of Oblivion (2018 Edition)

By: Multi-Man Publishing

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: Advanced Squad Leader - Assorted (Multi-Man Publishing)

Last Stocked on 11/13/2022

Product Info

Armies of Oblivion (2018 Edition)
Publish Year
NKG Part #
MFG. Part #
Boxed Game
Age Range
16 Years and Up
# Players
1 - 2 Players
Game Length
240 Minutes


Armies of Oblivion brings the entire Axis Minor order of battle into the ASL system, thus enabling you to command every major vehicle, gun and infantry type used by the Romanians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Slovakians and Croatians through-out the war. Chapter H distills years of research into pages of detailed notes on the guns and vehicle unique to each of the Axis Minor nations, in addition to the various weapons which many of these nations shared.

Counters note: Not included in this reprint the German, Russian, British, and Italian counters that were printed in the original ARMIES OF OBLIVION. The corrected counters were printed for prior modules in BEYOND VALOR 3rd Edition and in FOR KING AND COUNTRY, or are included in the reprint of HOLLOW LEGIONS. The counters for the German Sturmtiger and SdKfz 10/5 came with prior historical modules, and were printed in HAKKAA PÄÄLLE!, along with all the new Russian (mostly lend-lease) counters. Instead, new First Fire counters for optional use that indicate which specific weapon(s) have fired, e.g., First Fire-Inherent, First Fire-MG, First Fire-MA, etc. are included.


  • one box and lid
  • four 8" x 22" geomorphic map boards (48-51)
  • overlays Hi8-Hi12, Rv1, Wd12, Wd34
  • six countersheets
  • Axis Minor Chapter H (pages H143-H172)
  • errata pages A51-A62; D21-D26; S27-S34 (Note that pages A51-A62 and D23-D26 were updated in HAKKAA PÄÄLLE!; these updated pages are included here)
  • two SASL Axis Minor (Generation and Random Event) cards
  • 32 currently out-of-print ASL scenarios, updated and rebalanced as needed.
Time Scale - 2 minutes per game turn
Map Scale - 40 meters per hex
Players - 2 (suitable for team play)
Unit Scale - 5 to 10 men with individual leaders, vehicles and guns

Playing Time - 2 hours or more
Complexity - High
Solitaire Suitability - Medium

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