Outbreak - Undead (2nd Edition)

By: Renegade Game Studios

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Outbreak Undead - 2nd Edition (Renegade Game Studios)

Last Stocked on 12/9/2021

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Outbreak - Undead (2nd Edition)
Christopher De La Rosa, Alex Huilman, Jake Michels
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Outbreak: Undead is a sandbox system, with no real 'pre-established world building or lore' - players can create highly adaptable mission frameworks. Allowing for any kind of Survival Horror Apocalypse (slow, fast, sentient, biologically alive), in any kind of environment (urban, arctic, jungle, swampland), and take place in any kind of setting (divergent history, modern day, near future, fandom worlds) you can imagine.

What’s New? The first edition had a lot of great elements baked into its design. But it also fell short in some respects. So with 2nd Edition, our focus is to:

  • Expand in DETAIL the rules of the game in both a Survivors Guide for Players, as well as a Game Masters Guide for the aspiring GM.
  • Earn SURVIVAL POINTS as players, while generating RISK that the GM's have access to create unbiased obstacles.
  • Provide example scenarios in the form of our STRAIN SERIES.
  • Make OPPONENTS that are the perfect fit for your players worst nightmares.
  • Play the game at a level of REALISM that is most intriguing to your group.
  • Use players GESTALT (practical experience) to zero in on what makes players special.
  • Run group TACTICS, and wisely use COMPETENCE POINTS to give you the best odds at survival.
  • Continue to expand on our proprietary SPEW-AI (Strength, Perception, Empathy, Will - Assessment Inventory, an online 30 Q personality test), so you can play YOURSELF as a character with confidence.
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